What is FraudGuard?

How It Works

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	"isocode": "US",
	"country": "United States",
	"state_code": "TX",
	"state": "Texas",
	"city": "Houston",
	"postal_code": "77099",
	"latitude": 29.6709,
	"longitude": -95.5866,
	"timezone": "America\/Chicago",
	"connection_type": "Cable\/DSL",
	"asn": 7018,
	"asn_organization": "AT&T Services, Inc.",
	"isp": "AT&T U-verse",
	"organization": "AT&T U-verse",
	"discover_date": "2019-01-27 06:03:35",
	"threat": "unknown",
	"risk_level": "1"


FraudGuard is a service designed to provide an easy way to validate usage by continuously collecting and analyzing real-time internet traffic. Utilizing just a few simple API endpoints we make integration as simple as possible and return data such as: Risk Level, Threat Type, Geo Location, etc. Super fast, super simple.

Honeypot Collection

At FraudGuard.io, we run a custom public honeypot deployment and collection process that aggregates attacks based off of severity, location, and frequency.

Tor IP Tracking

FraudGuard.io automatically tracks the IPs of all exit nodes used by the anonymity network, Tor.

Geographic IP Tracking

FraudGuard.io includes an up-to-date database of IP geographic locations. This Geographic data can be very useful to protect your investments.

Open Public Proxies

FraudGuard.io crawls the entire public internet, tracking active and open public proxy servers.

Botnet Monitoring

Our Team of Engineers track public IPs across a wide scope of popular botnet networks.

Spam Collection

At FraudGuard.io, we programmed an ongoing spam, abuse and phishing collection service that tracks frequently used IPs which push malicious messages.


Bulk IP Export/Map

Short on dev capacity? You can research, map and export IPs using our bulk lookup tool without ever writing any code.

Easy Threat/Risk IP Identification

With our FraudGuard v2 API, just one API call can get you thousands of high risk IPs to blacklist.

15 Minute API Integrations

We've already written guides for many languages to get you started right away; and most languages only take a few minutes to setup.

Cloud Availability Zone Redundancy

Our service is globally distributed through AWS facilities in multiple availability zones.

High Performance APIs

Our API's are tuned to handle large influxes of traffic. Combined with multiple autoscaling cloud servers, we're capable of serving millions of requests per second.

Real-time Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard can display your accounts attack data live direct from our threat engine.

GeoBlock Support

Using the FraudGuard v2 API you can block entire countries IP space in just a few minutes.

Whitelist/Blacklist IP Management

FraudGuard can handle your entire organizations IP management requirements. Custom IP whitelist/blacklist support including through customer invoked APIs.

Bulk (Multi-IP) API Support

In our FraudGuard v2 API we are providing our paying customers access to our entire IP threat engine, including full bulk IP support.

Monthly Pricing - Cancel Anytime

Cancel anytime you want, as we have no contracts outside enterprise customers.

Our Prices


$0 Per Month


$10 Per Month


$29 Per Month


$99 Per Month


$299 Per Month


$499 Per Month

FraudGuard also offers a Real-time Premium Streaming package for customers that are unable to share their IP data. As well as IP Reputation Tracking in customers AWS organization/accounts using CloudTrail. Pricing is always custom as this process is highly complex.

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